Tribal Partnerships

Working with Tribes to improve oral health


Arcora Foundation partners with Tribes and Native organizations to improve the oral health of Native people and learn from their innovations. 

Native Americans experience the poorest oral health outcomes of any group in the nation. Nearly 80 percent of Native children in Washington enter kindergarten with tooth decay, compared to 40 percent of the general population. Native elders have twice the rate of untreated tooth decay of non-Natives.

The need is great and Tribes are at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative solutions in their communities to transform oral health care. The Arcora Foundation is proud to partner with Tribes to support and accelerate these efforts, including:

  • Helping lead Baby Teeth Matter with the Northwest Tribal Dental Support Center and 8 Northwest Tribal dental clinics. This Tribal oral health collaborative is increasing access to dental care and treatment for young Native American children.  A key message is, Two is too late (to start dental care), since 40 percent of Native American 2-year-olds have experienced tooth decay.  
  • Supporting dental teams in Tribal communities to ensure Native people are able to access efficient, effective, culturally appropriate dental care.
  • Expanding Tribal dental clinics to serve more patients. 
  • Providing training and resources to Tribal medical and dental teams, Head Start and child care providers, and other groups.
  • Identifying, creating and launching other new approaches to eliminate oral disease. 

For information on our tribal partnerships, contact Sarah Borgida.