The Mighty Mouth campaign

You are healthier with a healthy mouth


Help us create a healthier Washington

The Mighty Mouth is a social marketing campaign to help unleash the power of a healthy mouth. The goal is to raise awareness that oral health is critical to overall health, and to motivate people to do more to prevent oral disease.

A healthy mouth improves overall health and saves money. Help us spread the word about the power of a Mighty Mouth. Follow The Mighty Mouth on Facebook(@TheMightyMouth), Twitter (@MightyMouthWA) and YouTube.

Visit to learn more and download posters or articles. The Mighty Mouth campaign:

  • Uses social media, micro-videos and infographics to explain in fun, interesting ways how good oral health can help you live better, look better, and stay healthier.
  • Delivers messages about how to prevent cavities to lower-income pregnant women and moms with young children, with a focus on Latinas.
  • Raises awareness that children between ages 6-13 should receive sealants, a proven way to reduce cavities in hard-to-clean teeth.
  • Provides tips on brushing, flossing and smart snacking, along with information about the value of regular dental checkups.  This includes an oral health screening by a dentist or physician for every child by age one.
  • Partners with community organizations to help deliver the message that everyone should pay attention to their oral health.
  • Supports efforts to promote healthy food choices, including reducing the consumption of sugary beverages and encouraging families to choose water for thirst.

For more information about The Mighty Mouth social marketing campaign, contact Nancy Hammond



Help us create a healthier Washington. Everybody deserves a Mighty Mouth.