Everyone should have access to dental care

Dental care is essential to protect overall health.  Yet, in Washington 1 in 6 third-graders suffers from rampant decay (decay in seven or more teeth), and only 22 percent of lower-income adults were able to see a dentist in 2016. We are determined to expand dental coverage for lower-income families by:

  • Engaging the public and decisionmakers around the value of oral health to protect dental benefits for lower-income families.
  • Helping lower-income young children access dental care through Access to Baby and Child Dentistry program, now available in every county.
  • Providing care through our SmileMobile to children and pregnant women in rural and underserved communities.
  • Developing, testing and spreading tools and supports needed for serving high-risk patients, including older adults and pregnant women.
  • Working with local partners to build community access and eliminate health disparities through community engagement.
  • Supporting community dental clinics to provide care to those in need and linking people to community clinic options